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  • A high-quality Class A2 fixed temperature heat detector offering outstanding detection performance at a very competitive price
  • Manufactured by C-TEC in the UK
  • Third-party certified to EN54-5 by Intertek
  • Carries the pan-European ‘CertAlarm’ mark
  • Wide 6-33V DC operating voltage
  • Two 8mm x 2mm ultra-bright red LED indicating strips offering 360º visibility
  • Sophisticated onboard detection algorithms help reduce false alarms by rejecting momentary abnormal readings
  • Compatible with our ActiV C4408D diode, C4408 non-diode and C4408R relay bases (all bases include an integrated detector/base locking mechanism and ID tag)
  • Class B fixed heat, class A1R rate-of-rise, optical and multi-sensor variants also available
  • Excellent discounts for quantity orders
ActiV Detector




The C4403A2 Class A2 fixed temperature heat detector generates an alarm condition if the temperature within the protected area reaches a temperature of between 54ºC and 65ºC. Heat detectors are typically used in environments where smoke detectors cannot be installed, for example, in areas susceptible to fumes, airborne materials and smoke such as in kitchens, loading bays, workshops, wood mills and nightclubs.




Part number and description:
C4403A2 Standard 60ºC Fixed Temp. Heat Detector (Class A2)
Application temperature:
25°C typical, 50°C max
Static response temperature:
54°C min, 65°C max
Supply wiring:
2-wire monitored, polarity sensitive
Supply/operating voltage
9 to 33V DC
Quiescent current:
30µA at 24V DC
Switch on surge current
120µA for 3 seconds
Alarm voltage:
6 to 33V DC
Alarm current:
19mA @ 12-33V DC; 11mA @ 9V DC; 2.5mA@ 6V DC
Min. holding voltage:
Min. alarm holding current:
Voltage required to light LED:
6V DC min
Alarm reset voltage
<1V DC
Alarm reset time:
>0.5 seconds
Remote output:
Current source to the negative line, short-circuit protected available via ActiV base. Max voltage 2.7V DC
Temperature range:
-20° to +70°C
IP Rating:
Dimensions (detector only):
102.2mm diameter, 37mm deep
Dimensions (detector in base):
102.2mm diameter, 57.5mm deep
Detector: 99g. Base: 55g.
Detector materials:
White polycarbonate casing rated to UL94 V-2 with nylon parts
Base materials:
White polycarbonate rated to UL94 V-2 with bright tin plated steel terminals fitted with nickel plated steel screws/washers
Detector: 99g. Base: 55g.
Certifications & approvals:
Third-party certified to EN54-5 by Intertek
Compatible Bases:
C4408D Diode Base; C4408 Non-Diode Base; C4408R Relay Base



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